Proctorial Board

The Proctorial Board at Zakir Husain Delhi College Evening comprises faculty members responsible for maintaining discipline and upholding college regulations related to conduct and campus behavior. They investigate and address disciplinary issues, provide counseling and guidance to students, promote conflict resolution, and collaborate with college authorities to foster a safe and supportive environment for academic and personal growth.

Prof. Rajanikant Verma Proctor
Prof. Mohd. Naushad Alam Member
Prof. Zahir Ali Khan Member
Prof. Shahina Tabassum Member
Dr. Mohammad Asif Member
Dr. Sameer Kumar Mishra Member
Dr. Manoj Kumar Yadav Member
Dr. Om Prakash Dahiya Member
Dr. Smita Sundaram Member
Dr. Zafeeruddin Member
Dr. Shubhra Pant Kothari Member
Mr. Arbin Kr. Thakur Member
Dr. Sooraj Kumar Maurya Member
Dr. Arvind Kumar Mishra Member
Dr. Abdul Hafeez Member