Student Grievance Redressal

The Students Grievance Redressal Committee at Zakir Husain Delhi College Evening is dedicated to addressing student concerns effectively and impartially. Our committee serves as a platform for students to voice grievances related to academic, administrative, or other issues. We ensure prompt resolution of grievances while upholding transparency and fairness. Students are encouraged to reach out to the committee with their concerns, and we are committed to ensuring a supportive and conducive learning environment for all.

Students Grievance Redressal Committee
1. Prof. Munshi Mohd. Younus Nodal Officer
2. Prof. Mohd. Shoeb Member
3. Prof. Sanjib Kumar Baishya Member
4. Prof. Mohd. Naushad Alam Member
5. Prof. Lal Jee Member
6. Dr. Hari Prasad Member
7. Dr. Kalpana Shukla Member

Grievance Redressal Form

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