Principal Message

Dear Students,
Zakir Husain Delhi College has always stood steadfast as a champion of some basic values which have acquired greater relevance in contemporary times. The college in its long history has accommodated students and faculty of different communities. Gradually it has evolved a culture of understanding and respect for difference of caste, creed and religion. On entering the college every year new students from the “walled city”, from across the river, as also from the South and North of Delhi and other parts of the country, walk into an ambience of composite bearing and harmony. Education for us in this college is not a mere pursuit for information: what we strive for is a holistic development of character with a commitment to building a strong knowledge base. For this, our teachers, students and employees work together in close association. Not only does the college uphold traditional values of courtesy and regard for the older and the weak, there is also a sensitive concern for justice and a sense of fairness. The alertness to gender equality too is demonstrated amply through a number of awareness programmes organized in the college. As a result there is an atmosphere of good cheer rather than stress on the campus. In deed and spirit we “live by love”.

We believe in freedom of expression but this freedom ought not become a licence for irresponsible speech or action. Through cultural and academic activities in the college, we try to include a multifaceted awareness. Creativity is encouraged and a high standard of arts and culture is maintained year after year. Physical fitness and sports too are not allowed to take a back seat in the college. Student of this college are encouraged to have a scientific temper, a progressive outlook and a grounding in humanistic values. Respect to one another and decency in decency in behavior being the main planks of humanity, we ensure that our students show decency inside as well as outside the class room. We do not tolerate indecent lifestyle and habits in our campus. These activities always warrant a disciplinary action.

We have a firm belief that a healthy physique is essential for a healthy mind. We feel that our students should take a healthy and balanced diet and avoid junk food. We have declared our campus “PAAN MASALA, GUTKA and TOBACCO FREE”. Remember, NO STUDENT would be allowed to use these banned items within our premises. In case of violation, necessary action would be taken which includes EXPULSION FROM THE COLLEGE.

To have a refreshing and green environment on the campus we work hard. It is not a matter of sheer chance that we bag a number of prizes each year at the Delhi University Flower Show. Our students are expected to protect and maintain this green heritage. These traditional Indian values, along with the excellent academic inputs, would definitely help you all blossom into a true human being.

Prof. Masroor Ahmad Beg
Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening)
University of Delhi, India